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March 26, 2020Blog

Cyber Hygiene

Washing your hands for 20 seconds is excellent to prevent getting the cold or flu, but what are some cyber hygiene practices businesses can put in place to protect their IT systems and, more importantly, their data. While many...

February 17, 2020Blog

Third Party Vendors

The Achilles Heel of Data Protection Health Share of Oregon, the state’s largest Medicaid coordinated care organization, exposed personally identifiable information (PII) of 654,362 of its members, including names, addresses,...

February 17, 2020Blog

The Rise of DASB, Sunset your DLP

5 reasons why organizations are switching 1. Manage by exception DASB manages by exception DASB persistently and transparently protects data, with no impact to end-user experience, applications, and business workflows. DASB flips the...

February 4, 2020Blog

AWS Source Code Leak

On January 13, an AWS employee stole nearly a gigabyte’s worth of data, checking it into a personal GitHub repository. This included data that had already been discovered and classified as “Amazon confidential”. Even worse, the...

January 27, 2020Blog

End Source Code Theft

Case Study The Customer A publicly traded Cyber Security Company (CSC) located in Silicon Valley, with 50+ in-house software developers and 100+ contract developers from several 3rd party consulting firms. CSC is also a...

December 29, 2019News

Forbes | The Evolution of Data Protection

Data protection solutions are finally evolving to the current state of data: distributed, cloud-centric and always-on. Data used to only exist within the corporate network on devices that never left the physical protection of the...

December 18, 2019Blog

Ransomware stealing data before encrypting

ZDNET reported on a new strain of Zeplin ransomware that steals an organizations data before encrypting it. Zeppelin joins Maze, REvil (Sodinokibi), Snatch, and the now-defunct Merry Christmas ransomware in doing so. Ransomware used to...

December 6, 2019Blog

Insider Threats Infographic

Black Hat Europe 2019 discussed the continuing threat insiders have on organizations. Both malicious and accidental insider threats should be a top priority for all organizations. View some of the highlights in this infographic. Read...

October 8, 2019Blog

New Yorks SHIELD Act

New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo has signed off on the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act. This requires businesses to maintain reasonable safeguards for people’s personal information. The definition of a...

September 25, 2019Blog

Insider Threat at Lion Air (Update)

In our last blog post, we discussed the Lion Air data breach, which affected 46 million customers. Lion Air subsidiary, Malindo Air, recently revealed that their data breach was caused by two former contractors.  GoQuo, Malindo...

September 20, 2019Blog

How to Prevent the Lion Air Databreach

Indonesian airline carrier Lion Air experienced a data breach that exposed the records of over 35 million customers. Passport information, home addresses, and phone numbers were posted on data exchange forums. No payment information is...

September 19, 2019News

CIO IT Taiwan | SecureCircle 控管檔案讀取 權不怕合作生變造成洩密

過去幾年,儘管全球資安意識不斷提升,企業 亦不斷添購各類資安防護產品,但都無法有效防堵 資安威脅事件發生,乃至於發生大量商業機密或個 資外洩的事件。然而會造成資料外洩主因,多半源 自於公司內部防護機制不佳,根據統計僅有13%源 自於外部入侵竊取,另外有23%屬於使用者的惡意 行為,剩餘64%則是疏忽或意外造成的洩密 Read full article...

September 6, 2019Blog

How to Prevent the Mastercard Data Breach

90,000 members of Mastercard’s Priceless Specials program had their data stolen and shared online. After discovering the breach, Mastercard suspended the German program and requested that all third party vendors delete program user...

August 13, 2019Blog

How to Prevent the Boeing Data Leak

Last September, a security researcher was able to uncover an unprotected server full of code for Boeing’s 787 and 737 passenger jets. While the server should have been locked, it is clear that this sort of thing should not be happening...

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